BUT we are only opening 50 new spots…..

Did you miss out on the 5 week HUD Wholesaling Coaching Program I released with John Cochran 6 weeks ago? Over 421 of my members were“boxed out”.

Well you are receiving this email specifically because you DID NOT enroll….AND ALSO because the feedback from the 1st group has been soPOSITIVELY OVERWHELMING that I feel you should be in THIS program and I don’t want you to miss out.

AND so I have very very good news for you today…..

John Cochran and I have decided to re-open 50 spots into the 5 Week HUD Wholesaling Coaching Program this Thursday September 13th at 2pm eastern / 11am pacific.

Make sure you visit www.hudwholesaling.com at EXACTLY 2pm eastern / 11 am pacific on Thursday September 13 to grab a spot.     

When we first opened 6 weeks ago we only allowed 60 investors in. There are over 421 investors on the waiting list clamoring to get in on the 50 new spots as I write this email to you.

And so now is YOUR CHANCE BUT we are only going to allow 50 spots to open so that we limit the amount of competition in the marketplace and everyone will have success.

Want to know what the first 60 investors who enrolled are saying about the 5 Week HUD Wholesaling Coaching program??? Read below. They are saying things like….

“Hey John! Your HUD webinars are so anticipated by us twice a week that it

has to be considered much better than the very best TV serial show! I will

probably have withdrawal symptoms when the course is over in early September!

Thanks again and next week’s course agenda looks great! ~John Eden

“Great!!! Great!!! Great!!!” ~Everett Jackson

“You are doing great at explaining and teaching! It is great that we can ask you

questions too, as we go along!” ~Terrie Snyder

“WOW YOU ARE THE KING.” ~Gary Donahue


“Fantastic Info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ~Joseph Bordonaro

“Duh. easy to understand.” ~Grant Howard

“Great info. & simple to understand.” ~Augustine Lomax


So here’s just a small sample of what you missed out on.

*There are over 900 comments in the HUD WHOLESALING google group.

*John and I did 12 coaching calls instead of 10 as promised.

*Every coaching call we did was over 2 hours long instead of 90 minutes as promised and JAM PACKED with techniques and strategies.

*John and I gave away the farm and included A LOT of unannounced BONUSES including my private lending documents, my rehab pricing guide, my private lending powerpoint, my newsletters, my note and mortgage.THESE WERE ALL EXTRA BONUSES that we did not promise with our initial program offer.

*John loaded the “Secret Spreadsheet” right into the member’s site so you can use it at will.

*And this is on top of everything we promised.

* FINALLY the program must have been awesome as we only had 4 refunds TOTAL.

So TRUST me this is a training program that you want to get. Do one deal and make 4-8 times your money back.

Make sure you visit www.hudwholesaling.com at EXACTLY 2pm eastern / 11 am pacific on Thursday September 13 to grab a spot.     

Always know I appreciate you,